Ontario families to pay wind turbine companies’ legal bills

Ontario families to pay wind turbine companies’ legal bills

wind turbine companies suing for legal bills

After a civil suit against wind turbine companies by several Ontario families was dismissed, the companies have decided to go after them for their legal costs.
K2 Wind, Armow, and St. Columban are going after the Drennans, Ryans, Dixons and Kroeplins for a whopping $340k in legal bills after the families lost their case against the companies. The families were concerned that the wind farm projects were being installed too close to their homes, which could potentially harm their health.
The lawyer representing the families are calling the wind turbine companies, “blood-sucking, intimidating bullies” but the fact remains that the losing side of any civil suit usually pays the legal bills incurred by the one(s) who won.
The families are fighting the legal costs by saying they never stood to benefit financially from the civil suit, and it was just in the best interest of their health. However, the companies are upset that the suit cost them considerable time and money on a wind farm project which was already government approved and considered safe.
Part of the response made by the families’ lawyer stated:
“By simply exercising their right to access to the courts, the appellant families now face the disheartening prospect of financial ruin,”
“When, as in this particular case, the consequence of that access becomes crippling financial loss, ‘access to justice’ becomes a meaningless platitude.”
Do you think it’s fair for these families to pay back the legal costs incurred by the wind turbine companies?

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