Ontario Municipalities Have Greater Say Over Renewable Energy Projects

Ontario Municipalities Have Greater Say Over Renewable Energy Projects


Ontario Energy Minister, Bob Chiarelli, announced on Thursday, in a speech to CanSIA, that the FiT programs for large renewable energy projects were being cancelled, and now local input would be required for the installation of renewable energy sources.


Each region will have specific energy plans, and all renewable energy developers will have to make competitive bids for projects. Not only that, but the successful bidders will have to prove they have support of their local municipality. Chiarelli made it clear that preference would be shown to bidders who would offer municipalities ownership share in these projects.


Although the details have not been outlined fully, it is apparent that municipalities will not have the power of veto for renewable energy projects. Premier Kathleen Wynne said at Queen’s Park, “There’s not a veto power involved in this power but we always have to balance the greater good with the local good…….I hope it meets the needs of the municipalities but we’re going to work on it and my guess is it’s going to change over time.”

Hopefully municipalities in Ontario will take into consideration, the positive Economic Impact of Wind Turbine Development when considering future renewable energy projects.

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