Ontario’s first community-owned wind farm to be commissioned

Ontario’s first community-owned wind farm to be commissioned

Commissions wind farm


Bullfrog Power announces the commissioning of Ontario’s first community-owned wind farm.


Canada’s leading green energy provider joined forces with Oxford Community Energy Co-operative (OCEC) to create Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm in southwestern Ontario. The project consists of 10 wind turbines with a total capacity of 18MW, creating enough electricity to power roughly 6,700 homes in Oxford County.


President of Prowind Canada Inc. and former CEO of OCEC, Helmut Schneider said, “Bullfrog Power’s early partnership with the co-operative was an important show of support that contributed to its success,”


“Today, the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm provides an opportunity for community members to directly benefit from new renewable energy generation in their area.”


CEO, Bullfrog Power, Ron Seftel said, “Wind power plays a significant role in generating the renewably-powered future we want to achieve, which is why we’re proud to be supporting Ontario’s first community-owned wind farm,”


“Thanks to the thousands of bullfrogpowered individuals and businesses across Canada, we’re able to provide funding to community-led projects that will have an impact on how our power is generated for years to come.”


Check out the video of one of the wind turbines being built at the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm:


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