Orenda Energy Solutions has partnered with Italian wind specialist SEI Holding

Orenda Energy Solutions has partnered with Italian wind specialist SEI Holding

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Canadian wind turbine manufacturer, Orenda Energy Solutions, has partnered with Italian wind specialist SEI Holding to develop ten projects across Italy under the Mini Wind Farm (MWF) program. These wind farm installations will be available to select investors who are interested in receiving exceptional ROI in the wind energy market.


Orenda and SEI started their partnership a few years ago with the aim to provide Italian customers a reliable and skilled local partner focused on turn-key solutions including the installation and servicing of Orenda’s Skye wind turbine, which is manufactured in their Ontario facility.


Through the MWF program we are able to offer Italian and foreign investors selected sites that are ready-to-build, located and developed specifically for the 60kW Orenda Skye wind turbine. The Skye’s power rating has been specially fine-tuned using Orenda’s proprietary technology to comply with the GSE regulations to qualify for the tariff which is available for mini wind farms installed in Italy. This makes it possible for each wind farm to earn real and strong financial returns in the market, particularly operating in the sub 60kW  band which provides the highest rates. There has been fear that the Italian market has become harder for small-medium wind turbine suppliers, but by adapting and evolving our technology, we see far-reaching advantages.


Our wind turbine, thanks to the hydraulic self-lifting tower, is perfect for easy installation and after sales servicing, and even comes with a 7 year warranty! Thanks to our full service pack we offer lifelong assistance, all risk and loss of income insurance, and even remote monitoring.


We have worked out the siting and installation of several wind turbines already and are now collecting new purchase orders from the Italian market for construction in Spring-Summer 2017. SEI with the support of Orenda’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Steve McMahon, is scheduling meetings with clients interested in finalizing contracts. Please do not hesitate to contact our commercial office to arrange an appointment too!

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