Otter Tail Power Company to invest in wind farm

Otter Tail Power Company to invest in wind farm

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Otter Tail Power Company, an investor-owned electric utility company has decided to purchase a 150MW wind farm in southeastern North Dakota.


The project will cost in the neighbourhood of $250 million and will be designed and built in 2019 by EDF Renewable Energy. Once operational, the wind farm will be able to product enough electricity to power more than 65,000 homes.


According to the press release, the company is also looking to add 250MW natural gas-fired generation within the next five years.


Otter Tail Power Company President, Tim Rogelstad said. “The wind energy addition is part of our company’s plan to meet our customers’ growing energy needs, replace expiring power purchase agreements, and prepare for the 2021 retirement of the aging 140-MW coal-fired Hoot Lake Plant in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.”


“We’re projecting more than 30 percent of our energy to come from renewables by 2021 as part of an all-of-the-above energy strategy that includes coal and natural gas. This wind energy addition paired with future natural gas-fired generation is a great example of our commitment to providing a low-cost and balanced mix of energy resources that benefits our customers and the environment.”

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