Over 100 XZERES small wind turbines will be installed in Japan

Over 100 XZERES small wind turbines will be installed in Japan

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XZERES is a ‘global renewable energy solutions’ company which focuses on grid connected small wind turbines at 10kW and 2.5kW. The company has sold more than 100 units of their popular 10kW system, the XZERES 442SR Small Wind Turbine which has Class NK certification. 

Japan has been a perfect country for small wind turbines under 20kW due to strong incentives in the form of feed-in-tariffs. The biggest hurdle for small wind turbine manufacturers is to get the Class NK certification which qualifies their turbines to be eligible for incentives.
David Hofflich, CEO of XZERES said:
“Ever since we received Class NK certification, installed our first system in Amakusa, Japan, in late 2014, and demonstrated the important ability of our turbine to connect to the electrical grid, we have seen strong growth in orders,”
“The recent demand and order rates in Japan have exceeded our expectations to date for 2015. We expect that momentum will continue to generate additional near-term orders, which we believe will be driven by our expanding in-country, dealer network and limited competition in the 10kW size range due to the strict Class NK certification standards.”
The Japanese sales are comprised of direct purchases and those which are funded by XZERES’ strategic partner, Gale Force Infrastructure Fund, which helps to finance projects with the assistance of local strategic wind project developers.
XZERES recently attended the Japan Wind Expo in Tokyo last month and received a lot of attention from local renewable energy companies and prospective customers.
Frank Greco, XZERES President said: “As one of the few turbines with ClassNK certification, and more importantly the only turbine in our size range to be installed with grid connection, we generated overwhelming interest at the recent show. Building on the past two years of developing key relationships in Japan, our dealer network has quickly expanded and we are well positioned to meet the significant demands of the market opportunity.”

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