Pakistan province allocates 18,251 acres to wind energy and renewables

Pakistan province allocates 18,251 acres to wind energy and renewables

wind energy projects

One of the four provinces of Pakistan has allocated land to 33 companies in order to develop wind energy, solar power and coal projects with a total investment of $4 billion.
Last Saturday, the government had a ‘land allotment ceremony’ whereby the companies were invited to the Chief Minister’s (CM) House to receive their allotment orders. The CM of Sindh, Qaim Ali Shah said, “The investment of $4 billion in the energy sector to produce 2,040 megawatts of solar and wind power will bring about a revolution in our energy-starved country. Realising our national duty, we are making all-out efforts to reduce burden on the federal government by involving 33 national and international companies in the renewable energy sector.”
He went on to say, “Energy is the key driving force for economic growth and a backbone of national economy.”
The allotment includes 18,251 acres in Benazirabad, Jamshoro, Sukkur and Thatta. Of the 33 projects, 18 will be dedicated to wind energy. Sindh is the only province in Pakistan that has a dedicated land grant policy in order to develop renewable energy projects for the country.
The ultimate goal for Pakistan is to have 4,000MW of renewable energy generated by 2020 under the Vision 2025 plan.

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