Poland to ban wind power?

Poland to ban wind power?

Poland bans wind power?

Newly drafted legislation from Poland’s right-wing government is making wind power installations nearly impossible for the future.
Here are some of the new rules that would apply under the new legislation:

  • Wind turbines are prohibited within 2 kilometers of any building or forest
  • Wind developers would need to apply for a new license every two years
  • Before reparations or upgrades are made to existing wind turbines, developers would need to get permission from the inspector’s office, pay a hefty fee and then reapply for another license

A spokesman for the European Wind Energy Association, Oliver Joy said:
“This draft law is a detailed plan to shackle the industry’s prospects in Poland. It has been designed to stop deployment and will likely damage investor confidence. It is a very concerning development, particularly for a country that was one of Europe’s strongest performers last year.”
An energy expert at WWF Poland, Tobiasz Adamczewski said:
“It seems likely that [the MP’s] are trying to prevent new wind developments from happening, which may be due to the fact that they want to prevent competition with coal.”
Being that Poland is the eighth biggest consumer of coal, the right-wing Law and Justice Party is hoping that carbon-cutting obligations will be counted by ‘removal units’ as opposed to reductions. If removal units are acceptable, it would mean the country would be in the clear as they have trees not yet cut down.
An analyst for the Polish Institute of International Affairs, Julia Michalak said:
“Diversifying Poland’s coal-dominated energy mix by increasing renewable’s share is necessary – not only to meet EU targets, but also to strengthen the country’s energy security which is endangered by an increasingly unreliable power supply infrastructure.”
It seems the country is struggling in more areas than just renewables, the current Party in Poland have signed laws that go against democratic process and have taken control of all media, moves that are troubling to citizens and the EU.


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