Orenda Brochure
Orenda has engineered complete wind turbine systems as fully integrated, safe and reliable packages, including turbine, tower and controller to optimize performance and return on investment.


Each Orenda wind turbine system was designed with the latest technology for optimal safety in mind:


  • Braking System – In event of failure, both the hydrostatic and parking brake are applied (fail-safe)
  • Grid Loss – In the event of loss of grid, the resistive load in the tower replaces grid load and allows the turbine to come to a safe stop
  • Cable Twist – The turbine counts the number of cable twists and automatically unwinds on start-up once it has reached a set number of twist revolutions
  • Anemometer – If no wind speed reading is present, the turbine remains in free yaw, with the parking brake applied.
    • If wind direction does not change regularly, it is assumed the reading is inaccurate and the turbine is brought to a controlled stop
  • Multiple Sensor System – There are multiple sensors which drive the computer controlled alarm system
    • Any significant alarm will result in the turbine being brought to a controlled stop
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) – Capable of providing sufficient power to the TPCU to allow controlled shutdown in the event of a grid failure