Hydraulic Tower

Hydraulic tower operation requires nothing more
than a wrench and 1 operator!

    • Completely self-contained integrated hydraulic system
    • Patented multi-pivot point to manage stresses
      • 18.5m, 23.4m, and 31.7m tower height options
      • Lower/Raise in approximately 20 minutes with only 1 operator
        • Can be lowered quickly and easily in inclement weather
      • Easier installation
        • Especially in places inaccessible to cranes or soft surfaces
      • All maintenance at ground-level
        • Increased safety and reduced costs
      • Dodecagon monopole
        • Withstands the harshest conditions

Greatly reduces total cost of ownership
by eliminating cranes; providing best-in-class
financial returns

Tower Standards Compliance:

    • Tower sections made from structural quality, high strength, columbium-vanadium low
      alloy steel (ASTM-A572 GR60, Q420E)
    • Steel is hot galvanized per ASTM A123/A153 standards
    • Base plate and flanges: CSA640.21 GR350W (Q345)
    • Welding in accordance with AWS D1.1/D1.1M 2008
    • Patented hydraulic tower: U.S. Pat: 8,371,074