Skye™ WT Solution


The Orenda Skye™ is a revolutionary 49kW wind turbine solution with the following specifications:

General Configuration

Annual Energy Production (AEP):
104,000 kWh (at 5m/s; hub height)
Rated Power: 49kW (at 10 m/s)
Total Turbine/Nacelle Weight:
3304 kg
Operating Temp: -10°C to +40°C
Type: 3 Blade; Upwind
Pitch System: Fixed Pitch
Drive System: Direct Drive
Design Class: IEC 61400 Class II
Cut-in Speed: 3.5 m/s
Cut-out Speed: 25 m/s
Survival Speed: 59.5 m/s
Integrated Lightning Protection


Blade Length: 9.2m
Weight: 660kg
Diameter: 18.9m
Swept Area: 286.5m2
Material: Fiberglass
Maximum RPM: 54 RPM

Yaw System

Type: Active (Computer Controlled)
Drive: Digitally Controlled Hydraulic Motor

Control System

Electrical (Grid) Load Presentation via the Regenerative Drive System (RDS)
Dynamic Hydrostatic Brake (patent pending) – Rotor speed control
Hydraulic Parking Brake – Fail-safe hydraulic brake module to maintain turbine in parked position
Resistive Load – Supplemental resistive load in the case of grid failure, or loss of power to the turbine tower


Processor: Advanced embedded DSP system running Orenda OS 4
User Interface: 10″ HMI with Orenda Iris™ access
Remote Communications: Internet enabled via Ethernet
Monitoring System: Orenda Iris™ Internet-based
Internal Communications: Modbus TCP via shielded Ethernet


Type: Permanent Magnet
Voltage: 480VAC
Cooling: Air Cooled

Regenerative Drive System

Inverter Type: AC/DC – Variable, Frequency Drive
Converter Type: AC/DC – Pulse width modulated
IGBT frequency converter
Voltage: 400VAC, 3 phase
Frequency/Phase: 60Hz or 50Hz

Hydraulic Tower Options

Design: Patented; self-contained, fully integrated,
hydraulically operated tower, U.S. Pat: 8,371,074
Lowers to the ground in approximately
20 mins with only 1 operator
Tower Heights: 18.5m, 23.4m, 31.7m

power curveAnnual Energy Production(AEP)


Iris™  is a remote monitoring and control system that provides three levels of access, to the customer, dealer, and Orenda engineering.

It connects securely over the internet providing real-time:

    • Remote configuration & operation of system online
    • Performance data (Real-time and historical) including wind speed and power production
    • Remote shut down and restart of the turbine, invaluable in areas where the weather changes quickly and severely
    • Collection of data, including RPM, voltage levels, average wind speed, export power and state of wind turbine
    • True bi-directional communications with the turbine power control unit

Graphs based on manufacturer’s data
*All specifications subject to change without notice