Proposed wind power transmission line in the Midwest creates opposition

Proposed wind power transmission line in the Midwest creates opposition

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Clean Line Energy Partners has proposed a $2.2 billion project to have a 750 mile-long overhead wind power transmission line to help bring less costly, reliable and renewable energy to the masses. The transmission towers will stand at approximately 110-150 feet tall, and will be spaced to about 4-6 per mile. The exact route of these lines is not yet determined, but the idea is to have them run through remote areas of northern Missouri, into Illinois and finally to a substation located in Sullivan, Indiana.
Unfortunately, some landowners are fiercely opposing the project, worried that the towers may reduce property values, get in the way of their agricultural activities like irrigation, or cause illness, from the prolonged exposure of living close to the high voltage wires.
Mark Lawlor, Director of Development for Clean Line, says ‘When they sit down and talk to us and get the information about the reality of the project, I think we’re succeeding in clearing the air’.
The reality is many wind developers have been unable to locate their wind turbines and farms in areas ideal for wind due to lack of wind power transmission lines. These lines would allow developers and landowners to install wind energy in more remote areas, which would exponentially increase jobs, and reduce the cost of energy. Additionally, the property owners and counties where these towers would be located, would be compensated handsomely, to the tune of approximately $800k annually.
The project would be a win-win for landowners, and the citizens of these 4 states who would benefit from increased employment, and less costly energy.

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