Renewable Energy Installation is on the Rise as Costs Decrease

Renewable Energy Installation is on the Rise as Costs Decrease

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According to a new analysis by Ernst and Young LLP, clean energy costs are dropping, as technological improvements are made to installation and design.
The company ranked all 50 States based on attractiveness for renewable energy production, and interestingly enough, Texas somehow made it to the top of this list for wind power. However, the state has an obvious power generation issue, as the hottest months of the year, when electricity is need the most, is also the slowest time of the year for wind.
California came in fifth for wind energy on a long term basis; apparently, the state which has traditionally dominated the solar industry is starting to make big leaps in wind power generation.
Additionally, Hawaii is ranked as a high prospective for renewable energy in the future, as the cost of electricity is so high, however, the potential for greater power generation through geothermal energy is significant due to the numerous volcanoes.
The company looked at the difference between large-scale and small-scale wind, and although utility-side has more financial government support, small-scale requires less planning and costs.
The good news for the entire renewable energy industry, is that it accounted for 49% of added capacity for 2012!

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