Renewable energy plays a big role in the future of farming

Renewable energy plays a big role in the future of farming

renewable energy

A study conducted by Farmers Weekly, Nottingham Trent University and Forum for the Future delivered insights into the renewable energy uptake by the farming community in the UK.
Introducing renewable energy into the agricultural industry in order to diversify revenue or cut costs has been beneficial to farmers. A total of 38% of respondents said they were generating renewable energy, and the average cost saving experienced by them last year was £2,700. It comes as no surprise that farmers primarily make their money off the land, and 99% of those surveyed believed that growing food was of the utmost important. However, 78% also stated that renewable energy on farm land “should play a major part in meeting future energy needs in the UK.”
Of the farmers surveyed, 61% said they were likely to invest in renewable energy within the next 5 years, and 61% of this group saying wind power was the preferred technology.
It is interesting to note that ‘credible information’, ‘consistent government policy’ and ‘reducing bureaucracy /red tape in planning permission’ were the top three actions respondents felt were required in order to increase uptake by farmers.
As the industry grows and matures, much more credible information is being shared by reputable sources and governments around the world at taking more positive actions towards policies and planning permissions, thereby making it easier for newcomers to make investments in renewable energy sources.
In 2010 DEFRA announced that only 5% of farmers were producing energy, but that number has risen in recent years and continues to grow as renewable energy gains in popularity. It has been reported that more and more farmers are using renewable energy as a way of supplementing income.
To see the study results in full, check out the Farmer’s Weekly website.

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