Renewable energy records in Australia; but what does the future hold?

Renewable energy records in Australia; but what does the future hold?

 renewable energy target head of review

According to the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) wind farms contributed more than 1,250MW of power on Monday and Tuesday of this week; making up approximately 65% of South Australia’s electricity requirements.
Russell March, Clean Energy Council Policy Director, commented, “The fact that South Australia in particular can generate around 65 per cent of their electricity from wind over a two-day period is proof that the grid can handle this substantial contribution, simply by reducing the amount of fossil fuel burned during that period”
Like many countries, Australia has a national renewable energy target (RET) of 20% of electricity generation by 2020. However, this target is currently under review with former Reserve Bank board member Dick Warburton as the head of the review panel. The problem? Mr. Warburton has said, “I am a sceptic that man-made carbon dioxide is creating global warming.”
Mr. Warburton co-authored an article for Quadrant in 2011. Please see an excerpt from that article below:
“Except for nuclear power, there are no straightforward strategies for reducing dependence on fossil fuels without large economic costs. Wind and solar generators often cannot function when needed. Wind machines operate at only about 25 per cent capacity in the UK. Even when the wind is blowing, “back-up capacity, usually gas-fired … had to be kept running, using fuel, generating steam, emitting CO2, ready to ramp up its turbines the moment sufficient supply from the wind machines stopped coming.”
His blatant dislike of renewable energy as a viable option for generating electricity does not bode well for the position of head of the RET review panel. Unfortunately, Tony Abbott chose him for this position, which begs the question…. Why choose someone who hates renewable energy to determine the targets for the country?
What are your thoughts on this interesting choice? Please leave your comments down below!

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