Renewable Energy Subsidies v.s. Other Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Subsidies v.s. Other Energy Sources

One of the biggest moans I hear about renewable energy is government subsidies. Anti-wind says the renewable energy industry cannot support itself without government assistance, and even claim that far more money is pumped into the industry than any other resources. However, this is just not true.
It IS true that traditionally, when a new form of energy generation is created, it is given a lot of support in order for the technology to grow, adapt and establish itself in the industry. So being that renewables are still relatively new, currently they have been getting what appears to be more government support, but just how much are they really getting?
A report which was commissioned by Greenpeace Energy in Germany, and the German Wind Energy Association has some interesting data that shows how much money was spent in the form of government subsidies on various energy sources.
Before I get comments stating that the report must be biased, it was actually created by a third party, independent research organization Forum Ökologisch-Soziale Marktwirtschaft, and utilizes data from European budget analysis.
As you can see from the figure below, renewable energy has been given the least amount of money through government subsidies.

renewable energy subsidies

Cumulative state subsidies from 1970 – 2012 in billions of euros (real prices)

The report is interesting and I recommend you read it in its entirety, as it is full of great information and data with a look into the history of the energy industry, including common trends.
I think it’s important to have real and honest conversations about renewable energy, especially when there is a wealth of misinformation being shared by organizations who are against the industry as a whole.
Do you think anti-wind groups are misleading people for their own agendas? Please leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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