Report confirms wind power injects millions into Oklahoma counties

Report confirms wind power injects millions into Oklahoma counties

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A report, commissioned by the State Chamber Research Foundation, aimed to look at the impact of wind power production in Oklahoma and confirmed that the industry generates millions of dollars for school districts and counties.
Wind power companies and developers have injected nearly $134 million in taxes, benefiting local schools and rural counties, in addition to saving an estimated $2 billion in costs of fuel.
Minco Public Schools Superintendent Kevin Sims said:
“Wind Energy has had huge benefits for Minco Public Schools. The added valuation to our school district has benefited our school and community greatly. We will open a brand new state of the art high school in 2015-1016, our community has a new water tower and our technology budget has been improved significantly. Without wind energy, we would not have seen the improvements we have been able to make so quickly.”
Public policy and government relations manager for Google in Oklahoma City, Andrew Silvestri said:
“At Google, we’re striving to power our company with 100 percent renewable energy. In addition to the environmental benefits, we see renewable energy as a business opportunity and continue to invest in accelerating its development. Oklahoma wind energy not only allows us to make our already highly-energy efficient Mayes County data center even more sustainable, it provides new renewable energy generation capacity to the grid that saves Oklahoma families hundreds of millions of dollars on their energy bills.”
The report findings will help guide decision-makers on planning for wind power now and in the future.
Wind Coalition Executive Director Jeff Clark said:
“Wind energy development is bringing huge economic benefits to Oklahoma communities and schools. In addition to making the state more energy independent and lowering electricity prices for consumers, wind is adding jobs and significantly contributing to the tax base. Oklahoma is richly blessed with diverse energy resources. By harnessing those resources, the state is well-positioned to continue leading America in energy production, including in abundant, affordable wind power.”
You can read the whole report here: Wind Energy Industry Impacts in Oklahoma

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