Russian scientists create a solar-wind turbine

Russian scientists create a solar-wind turbine


Russian scientists, Valery Perevalov and Leonid Primak, created a generator that combines solar panels with a wind turbine, once considered nearly impossible due to the rough winds affecting solar.


The scientists had the support of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute, the Moscow Power Engineering Institute and a Zelenograd-based solar panel manufacturer.


During an interview the two told Sputnik International that their solar-wind turbine generator was a product they had actually designed back in 1998. It took the scientists close to twenty years to make a working prototype, and one that was better than coal and oil, which are the two leading sources of electricity in the country.


Perevalov said: ”Russia is a pretty unique country when it comes to alternative energy. The average wind speed and insolation in our country are much lower than those in leader-states of ‘green power’ generation like Denmark, so foreign systems of this type usually perform poorly in our parts.”


“And we did it! Even the prototype has an overall efficiency of 40 percent, all the while being practically noiseless.  And by calculating the cost of energy produced over a ten-year period, we can basically offer electricity 2.5-3 times cheaper than most energy networks in Russia.”


The new product will be tested in the region of Kaliningrad and will start commercial production by 2017.


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