Scholarships for women in wind energy

Scholarships for women in wind energy

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As today is International Women’s Day, let’s talk about how the wind energy industry is encouraging and supporting women to participate.
Women of Wind Energy (WoWE) was founded in 2005 to ensure more women played a role in the development of wind power.
Executive Director of Women of Wind Energy, Kristen Graf said:
“There are so many opportunities in the wind industry for innovation and for tackling things in new ways and with the growing number of wind technicians, it’s important to encourage and empower women to pursue opportunities in this field. We are excited to meet the women already charting a path toward these careers and bring them to WINDPOWER.”
WoWE already has 35 chapters across the US, and provides opportunities for women to join the industry through its Rudd Mayer scholarship program.
CEO of the American Wind Energy Assocation (AWEA), Tom Kiernan said:
“Women are helping to write the next chapter of American wind power. As wind energy scales up to supply 20 percent of U.S. electricity by 2030, a strong, diverse industry is needed to help us get there. These programs and scholarship opportunities are going to help make sure that happens.”
Even the Wind Energy Foundation (WEF) has created a scholarship called Wind at our Backs: Furthering the education of women in wind energy in order to “help further diversify the wind energy workforce”.
Executive Director of WEF, John Kostyack said:
“Women have been historically underrepresented across the U.S. energy landscape. This scholarship helps women seeking careers in wind energy to network with potential future employers and enables recipients to complete the coursework and certifications necessary to advance.”
According to the press release, the scholarship program “targets women working towards degrees or certifications in wind energy and will offer $2,500 for up to 15 applicants over the next three years. Scholarship recipients will receive complimentary registration to WINDPOWER 2016 and will obtain up to $1,000 for related travel, meals, and lodging as part of their attendance at this year’s conference. The scholarship deadline is Tuesday, March 8.”

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