Scotland experiences wind power high in June 2015

Scotland experiences wind power high in June 2015

 wind turbines power homes in Scotland; thank you wind power!

Scotland experienced a surge in wind power for June 2015, as output met the needs of approximately 1.7 million homes. In data provided by WeatherEnergy for June, the stats show that wind power generated around 33% of Scotland’s energy requirements.
Out of the 30 days of the month, 6 days showed an output that met the needs of 100% of Scot homes.
Director of WWF Scotland, Lang Banks said:
“While much of the attention may have been focused on the welcome summer sunshine, June also turned out to be an astonishing month for wind power in Scotland.
“Thanks to a combination of increased capacity and stronger winds, output from turbines more than doubled compared to the same period last year.
“These figures show just how much wind power has gone from strength to strength. However, wind power in Scotland could and should be playing an even bigger role in helping to reduce climate emissions from the power sector.”
SNP MSP Mike Mackenzie said:
“These outstanding new figures are a welcome demonstration of the strength of Scotland’s renewables industry, with a 120 per cent boost on the previous year’s figure showing the incredible strides Scotland is making in producing clean, sustainable energy – and showing the vital role green energy can play in meeting our energy needs.
“This is exactly why the UK Government’s decision to cut onshore wind subsidies funded through the Renewables Obligation is so dangerous – which could see a loss of investment of up to £3 billion, put more than 5,000 jobs at risk and put at risk the excellent progress Scotland has made on renewables in recent years.”
Scotland’s energy targets are ambitious, as they are seeking 100% of their energy needs to be generated from renewables by 2020. According to the government onshore wind has overtaken hydro power as the most common renewable in the country, and Scotland owns 25% of Europe’s offshore resources.

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