Scotland to be home of world’s largest floating wind farm

Scotland to be home of world’s largest floating wind farm

wind turbines power homes in Scotland; thank you wind power and wind farms renewable energy and offshore wind

The world’s largest floating wind farm will have a home off the east coast of Scotland.
The first prototype for this proposed wind farm was installed off the coast of Norway, by the Norwegian energy company, Statoil. The company is now expecting to have the Scottish wind farm, composed of five 6MW wind turbines, operational by 2017.
The Hywind wind project is a part of 40 other projects around the world in a race to see who can reap the benefits of wind out on the deep ocean waters. Unlike the typical offshore wind farms, these floating wind turbine foundations make it less costly (as they do not have to be fixed to ocean beds) and means they can also be better positioned in areas of high wind without consideration of water depth.
Since the wind turbines are tethered to the seabed, The Crown had to sign off on a lease to grant permission on the Scottish project.
Project Director for the Hywind Scotland project, Leif Delp said: “We are very pleased to develop this project in Scotland, in a region with a huge wind resource and an experienced supply chain from oil and gas,”
“Through the hard work of industry and supportive government policies, the UK and Scotland is taking a position at the forefront of developing offshore wind as a competitive new energy source.”
General Manager of the Crown Estate’s Scotland portfolio, Ronnie Quinn said: “We’ve been able to support the development of emerging technologies, from floating wind to tidal current energy, placing Scotland in a very strong position to secure global investment in low carbon energy.”
Offshore wind makes up approximately 3% of overall wind projects, but is growing more rapidly as technology develops and costs diminish.

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