Scotland to build $4 billion wind farm

Scotland to build $4 billion wind farm

wind turbines power homes in Scotland; thank you wind power and wind farms renewable energy


Scotland has just been given the green light on an offshore wind farm worth $4 billion US (a week after announcing they will be home to the world’s largest floating wind farm.)


SSE, the company behind the project, said the wind farm would power 450,000 households and will be “one of the largest private investments ever made in Scottish infrastructure.”


According to the press release, the 588MW Beatrice Offshore wind farm will ‘contribute £680 million (US$985) to the economy through employment and supply-chain opportunities during construction, with a £400 (US$580) – £525 (US$760) million boost during the wind farm’s 25-year operational lifespan.’


The wind farm itself will be composed of 84 wind turbines and is scheduled to be operational by 2019.


SSE’s director of renewables, Paul Cooley said: “Today’s decision reaffirms SSE’s commitment to offshore wind and we are proud to progress such a flagship project for the Scottish offshore wind industry and the U.K.’s skilled supply chain.”


Minister Paul Wheelhouse added: “Scotland’s renewables sector is stronger than ever and our early adoption of clean, green energy technology and infrastructure was the right thing to do,”


“Renewables are now Scotland’s biggest electricity generator and nearly half of gross electricity consumption comes from renewables.”


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