Scottish court dismisses Trump’s challenge against a wind farm

Scottish court dismisses Trump’s challenge against a wind farm


After purchasing a golf course in northeast Aberdeenshire, Trump is trying to squash plans for an offshore wind farm to be installed within sight of his property.
In his latest fight against the wind farm he claimed that Alex Salmond, Scotland’s first minister, had interfered and approved the project unfairly/improperly. In a written ruling, the court said ““None of the considerations founded on by the petitioners comes anywhere near to supporting the petitioners’ suspicions”.
The proposed offshore wind farm consists of 11 wind turbines, and only 3.5km from Trump’s beloved Menie Estate which he bought back in June 2014.
Despite this legal setback, the Trump Organization says it doesn’t’ believe the wind farm project will move forward, and responded to the outcome by saying “With no available money and the current political movement to end wind farm subsidies, it’s impossible to envision how this ill-conceived proposal will ever get built.”
However, the Trump Organization is still planning on appealing this latest ruling at the UK Supreme Court and European Courts.
Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Trump has been in legal battles over wind farm construction. About a year ago he was fighting a wind energy project that was proposed close to his Doonbeg Golf Club, located in Ireland.


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