Scottish government signed off on 450GW of offshore wind energy

Scottish government signed off on 450GW of offshore wind energy

wind energy is growing with onshore wind farms

Mainstream Renewable Power has finally received the ‘OK’ from the Scottish government to install 450GW worth of wind energy in the form of an offshore wind farm located in the North Sea.
The wind farm, called Neart na Gaoithe (NnG), will be the first in Scottish waters, and is expected to deliver enough electricity to power 325k homes and will make up almost 4% of Scotland’s total energy demand. The wind farm is expected to be operational by 2018, and will start pre-construction as early as next year.
NnG will be made up of 75 wind turbines which will take up around 80 square kms of space in the Outer Forth Estuary of the North Sea. The underground cables will travel along a 12.5 km route up to substation in Lammermuir Hills within the Crystal Rig onshore wind farm.
The wind farm was around £1.5 billion capital expenditure investment, and it is estimated that the project will provide hundreds of direct and indirect employment  during construction and throughout its operational life.
Chief Executive and Mainstream Renewable Power’s founder, Eddie O’Connor said, “This announcement is of particular importance for Scotland because it is the first time a wind farm will be built in Scottish waters with the purpose of supplying Scottish homes and businesses with renewable energy. In fact, it will generate enough green power to supply more than all the homes in Edinburgh.”
Chief Operating Officer for Mainstream Renewable Power, Andy Kinsella said, “We have worked closely with the Scottish Government and its agencies through an exhaustive environmental assessment process, and look forward to continuing our ecological monitoring work with those agencies and other key stakeholders during and after construction.”
Wind energy in the UK has seen the most growth in onshore installations, however as the industry is maturing, more offshore wind farms are being planned and starting preparations within the next few years.

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