Scottish wind expert believes future wind projects will be scaled down

Scottish wind expert believes future wind projects will be scaled down

Ecodyn expert believes smaller wind projects are the future
Duncan Oswald, a Chartered Environmentalist and consultant from Ecodyn, believes that onshore wind projects will be scaled down, with a focus on distributed wind, where electricity generated is used by local residents or businesses.
Mr. Oswald said, ‘The economic arguments for people converting to wind are still there, but they have shifted in emphasis.
“The incentive to put up the larger turbines and make money by exporting to the grid isn’t so compelling as before.
“What we are finding instead is that people are coming to us fearful of what’s happening with the big 6 energy supply companies and energy prices going up.
“They may also be worrying about higher monthly mortgage costs when the Bank of England increases interest rates so they are exploring options for small turbines for their own use.
“If people are just looking to use the energy in their own homes and communities rather than exporting, this is where the cost benefits are still strong so it is in this area that we predict most growth in the highlands and islands, which is good for the environment and local jobs.”
If we look back at the most reliable and recent data we have so far, small wind turbines have experienced the most growth in the UK in 2012 alone, according to a report released by Renewables UK.
It is predicted that distributed, small-scale wind projects (<100kW) will continue to grow well into 2014. Already 1,864 new full-time jobs were created in this part of the market since 2010.
Distributed wind works to benefit those who install it, including farmers and local communities. The lower cost and looser regulations for smaller scale wind projects make them an easier choice as well.

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