Senvion wins 62MW wind energy contract in Austria

Senvion wins 62MW wind energy contract in Austria

Senvion wins wind farm contract for their proprietary wind turbines and wind energy projects


Senvion has won 4 contracts totalling 62MW of wind energy capacity for four separate projects located in Lower Austria.
All contracts have been signed with Windkraft Simonsfeld AG, which already has a working relationship with Senvion since 2011 through 4 other projects located in Austria.
The 4 new projects include: Hipples II (MM100), Dürnkrut II (3.2M122), Poysdorf- Wilfersdorf V (3.4M140) and Prinzendorf III (3.2M114). Senvion will be supplying 4 different types of wind turbines for these projects, including their new 3.2M122 model at hub heights of 119 meters and 139 meters.
Managing Director of Senvion EU Central, Jochen Magerfleisch said, “We are very much looking forward to these projects. They will further reinforce our partnership with Simonsfeld. The projects demonstrate that flexibly adapting the turbines from location to location is the way to achieve the highest yield. With a combination of low-wind and strong-wind turbines from the Senvion portfolio at various tower heights, we are helping Simonsfeld to implement the most efficient solutions for all four locations.”
Head of Wind Power Engineering at Simonsfeld, Markus Winter said, ”We are delighted to continue the excellent partnership with Senvion that we have built up over the last five years and expect the new turbine generation to deliver performance just as stable and productive as in the past.” WKS CEO Martin Steininger added: “With the planned electricity production from the new wind farms, we will be able to increase our overall production by more than half in the next few years. That will help us to contribute to the process of expanding renewable energy and achieving climate targets.”

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