Shares in wind energy projects being given as gifts this year

Shares in wind energy projects being given as gifts this year

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The Small Wind Co-Op has an interesting offer for the holidays, shares in wind energy projects located in Scotland and Wales.


The wind energy certificates are available from £100 all the way up to £100,000 and can be purchased until December 16th. The first share raised a whopping £1m. So why are these certificates so lucrative? They are expected to generate 6.5% in average annual returns to shareholders over 20 years, according to their share offer document.


Director, Small Wind Co-op, Jon Halle said:


“This must be the most positive Christmas present you can give someone: the gift of wind energy and a stake in the UK’s green energy future. Not only does the recipient get a chance to own part of a community wind turbine, with a say in how the Co-op is run, but they can earn a good annual return for the next 20 years. There hasn’t been much good news around lately – but this is a chance to step out of the bubble, do something positive and make a genuine difference for the future.”


“We think our gift shares won’t just appeal to environmentalists and green power supporters, but anyone who wants to be part of an exciting community project which offers the prospect of good financial returns as well. Many of us have been given goats for Christmas – how about a wind turbine this time. That really is too big to wrap!”


To purchase shares yourself or for family members, go to:


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