Siemens increases output of their 6MW offshore wind turbine by 10%!

Siemens increases output of their 6MW offshore wind turbine by 10%!

offshore wind turbine upgrade

Siemen’s 6MW offshore wind turbine, the SWT-6.0-154, just recently got an upgrade to 7MW thanks to changes done by their engineers.
According to their press release:
‘Stronger permanent magnets and generator segments in the permanent magnet generator provide the key to harvesting a higher yield. Additionally, the converter and transformer have been upgraded, in line with the higher electrical output: All other components remain the same tried and proven engineering of the 6-MW wind turbine, giving Siemens’ customers the assurance of relying on proven technology and supply chain while significantly increasing energy production.’
This new offshore wind turbine model will be called SWT-7.0-154 and is expected to go into production by 2017 and will be presented at the EWEA Offshore 2015 in Copenhagen.
Offshore CEO Michael Hannibal of Siemens Wind Power and Renewables said, “Our new wind turbine offers our customers an investment as reliable as our proven G4 and D6 product platforms,”
“Yet it also answers market demands to achieve greater energy yield at lower cost and effort.”
Siemens has been working to lower the cost of offshore wind through innovation, using technology like their Grid Access Solution. This new distributed power transmission technology allows offshore wind turbines to connect to the grid without HVAC (high-voltage alternating-current) substations. Apparently this particular solution is environmentally friendly and offers ‘substantially reduced size, weight, and costs, while improving the customer’s flexibility.’
Hopefully more wind turbine companies will come up with solutions that will allow upgrades of their existing turbines in-field or offshore in order to reduce cost and waste, while improving output!

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