Siemens signs agreement for the Rhyl Flats Offshore Wind Farm

Siemens signs agreement for the Rhyl Flats Offshore Wind Farm

maintenance agreement for wind farm


Siemens has signed an agreement with Rhyl Flats Wind Farm Ltd. to provide service and maintenance for the next 15 years at the Northern Wales wind farm.
The company has already been providing maintenance to the 25 operational wind turbines for the term of the warranty period (since 2009), and will now continue this service for the entire lifecycle of the wind farm.
Siemens offers remote monitoring and diagnostic solutions which are designed to provide “optimal efficiency and reliability”.
The head of Siemens Power Generation Services, Wind Power and Renewables Mark Albenze said:
“This new long-term agreement further strengthens our position as the world’s leading service provider for offshore wind and underscores our ability to help our customers realize the full potential of their wind turbines throughout the units’ estimated lifecycle,”
“The Rhyl Flats Wind Farm is one of 12 offshore wind projects Siemens is providing expert service and maintenance for in Great Britain, and we are particularly proud that our services continue to make a growing contribution towards the implementation of an environmentally friendly, reliable power supply in the region.”
The Rhyl Flats Wind Farm is approximately 8 kms from the coast of Northern Wales, with an installed capacity of 9MW. The energy produced can power up to 61,000 Welsh homes every year. Combined with the production of two other wind farms, the total amount of homes powered by wind turbines comes to over one third of the homes in Wales.

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