Sign a petition to show support for the Production Tax Credit

Sign a petition to show support for the Production Tax Credit

production tax credit
The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) have an online petition for American citizens to sign, if they’d like to send a message to their senator to encourage them to extend the PTC (Production Tax Credit).
If you live in the United States and feel strongly about wind energy and the PTC, please feel free to sign and share the link.
The UCS writes:

“Fossil fuel interests want Congress to end support for one of the primary drivers of wind energy, while continuing outdated subsidies for coal, natural gas, and oil. We need to continue to ramp up renewable energy to create new jobs, defend our health, and protect the environment.
And we will. Congress has voted to renew the PTC each time it has expired in the past, but only after hearing from citizens like you who know the facts and support clean energy. We just need your senator to take the first step.
Tell your senator to act now to extend the PTC, before thousands of clean energy jobs expire.”

Like the UCS states above, governments will act if citizens voice their wants and concerns. It is up to the voters to sway politicians to make the choices they want in return for support.
How do you show your support for the production tax credit, wind energy or other causes which are important to you?

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