SkySpecs secured $8 million to develop drones for wind turbine inspection

SkySpecs secured $8 million to develop drones for wind turbine inspection

manufacturer of wind turbine drones


SkySpec has secured $8 million in Series B financing to develop drones designed to inspect wind turbines.
The founders of the company will use the money to ‘scale the company’s international operations and develop advanced inspection software that enables customers to make more information-rich decisions about the condition of their energy assets.’
The company has become known for their rapid 15-minute wind turbine inspections, that reduces safety issues by requiring no climbing of towers.
CEO of SkySpecs, Danny Ellis said, “Last year we proved that SkySpecs is the best-in-class at collecting data that can be used to assess the health of energy infrastructure. This year we will enable owners to harness the power of the data collected by our automated drones in a platform that they can use to decide what to repair and when to repair it.”
Investment Manager at Statkraft Ventures, Alexander Kueppers said, “We consider automation and standardization of O&M-related tasks the next big challenge in cost competition after hardware costs for renewable energy assets have dropped significantly over the last years. SkySpecs is the fastest growing inspection company in the wind sector, making rotor blade inspections more precise and safe, while keeping operations at a lower cost compared to traditional methods. Their technological expertise combined with scalable operations is the key to grow the business worldwide.”

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