Small-Scale Wind Farms

There are several key attributes of the Orenda Skye™ solution that makes it THE easy choice for developers & investors:
• 49kW is right in the sweet spot for developers & investors in several respects:-

      o Optimal power output for grid connection

      o Convenient building block for developing a wind park

      o Maximum financial returns through incentivised programs e.g. FiT

      o Conveniently sized footprint for fitting into various land arrangements
• Orenda’s unique and patented hydraulic tower does not require special roads or cranes for installing or maintaining the wind turbine, reducing overall development costs. In addition, the tilting tower facilitates low cost servicing providing for best-in-class financial returns
• Designed to IEC 61400-1 standards, delivering:

      o Maximum up-time and unsurpassed levels of safety

      o Bankability through greater up-time and reliability
• Product Insurance – Skye™ qualifies for all-risk product insurance including loss of income (UK and Italy only, for other territories please ask)
• Each wind turbine has a warranty reserve, which de-risks your significant investment and secures Orenda’s long-term sustainability, giving you peace of mind!