Small-Scale Wind Power Changes the Game

Small-Scale Wind Power Changes the Game

Small-scale wind power has really changed the game for many agricultural land owners and investors. Large-scale projects require millions of dollars, and years of project planning. However, with small-scale wind turbines, like a 20kW or 50kW system, you could see your investment paid for in just a few short years and every rotation after that is money in your pocket.


small-scale wind turbines


Alternatively, for remote farms, camps, ranches, or villages, there may be no other current facility for electrical production other than diesel or petrol powered generators, which are noisy, and operate at prohibitively high costs. Installing an off-grid small-scale wind power system with a battery bank could provide sufficient power all on its own to remove the need for diesel or petrol generators and save $0.30/kWh or more, or reduce the need for generator backup to just a few hours during the heaviest consumption periods saving significant expenses.

The only major downfall to small-scale wind power being more readily available and more affordable than it’s larger-scale cousin, is that more companies have been installing them closer to buildings and heavier footfall areas. These wind turbines should still be considered large machinery, and should be kept at a safe distance away from high traffic areas and buildings. Additionally, site evaluations should always be considered in order to best protect local wildlife like bird migration paths etc.
With proper siting and applications, small-scale wind power can really help to transform our world into a cleaner state while reducing our energy costs. Click to learn more about the Economic Impact of Wind Turbine Development.

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