Small wind turbine device uses exhaust air to generate savings

Small wind turbine device uses exhaust air to generate savings

A small wind turbine device

A new type of small wind turbine has been designed to sit atop air conditioner cooling towers in order to generate electricity and savings. The turbine is called the XT9000 System and was invented by Imad Mahawili of EXnergy Technology.
This new type of turbine came to the interest of Contubernium Incorporated who wanted to market and develop the device.  Contubernium officials reached out to Fort Benning to create a partnership, which would allow them to test and improve upon the concept using their cooling towers.
Kirk Ticknor, chief of Directorate of Public Works (DPW’s) Operations and Maintenance Division (in charge of Fort Benning) said, “These cooling towers continually exhaust air into the sky and our wind turbine sits on top to capture that energy and put that energy back into the electrical grid… It’s like getting 20 free light bulbs powered for free every day. You’re capturing energy that would have otherwise gone to waste.”
Eventually they hope to install a total of 8 of these small wind turbine devices for a total savings of approximately $7k a year.
Karl Muehlheuser, Contubernium’s Vice President of marketing and sales, said, “We are already in consultation with a number of other military bases and this device is also already on a number of hotels in Las Vegas, and we plan to continue to pursue hotels, hospitals or any other major building or system of buildings that requires commercial air systems.”

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  1. John Wang

    We are operating a district cooling network with big cooling tower units in Singapore. We’d like explore the most efficient ways to recover the wind energy above the cooling towers to make our network greener. Thank you.

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