South Africa hits wind power milestone of 1GW capacity

South Africa hits wind power milestone of 1GW capacity

wind power in SA

According to the South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA), more than half a million households are being supplied electricity thanks to wind power. The country has now hit the 1GW milestone, with 3GW of additional capacity in the pipeline.
CEO of SAWEA, Johan van den Berg said:
“Wind energy is still a relatively new industry in South Africa and what we have achieved in such a short time is a sure indication of how much more we can do. In 2011 there were just 10 turbines in the country – now we have 13 large wind farms in operation, consisting of over 495 turbines, with many more under construction. More than 3 GW of wind energy has already been allocated through the Government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer’s Programme (REIPPPP) – and more is due to be announced shortly.”
Wind power is not only providing electricity to citizens across South Africa, but it’s also saving water. According to SAWEA’s press release, “each kilowatt hour of renewable energy that displaces fossil fuels in the national grid, 1.2 litres of water will be saved. At full operation of the entire portfolio the programme will save 52 million litres of water each year, equal to 371, 428 standard sized bathtubs.”
At this year’s SAWEA conference ‘Windaba’, the theme is ‘Towards 100% Renewables’. Johan van den Berg comments, “In South Africa we have the abundant natural resources – sun and wind – for renewables to thrive, wind power is now about 40% cheaper than new coal power produced by Eskom. The extraordinary growth in procured capacity from 10 MW to 3300 MW has taken place in just four years. The rapid increase in Government’s renewables ambitions reflects not just the proven success of the programme but the economic reality that wind has become a no-brainer.  It is four to six times quicker to construct than conventional energy and infinitely safer. It’s modular and can better use existing grid capacity. It’s all built with private money and saves Government billions for the new build programme.”

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