Subsidies and other incentives generating growth for wind energy

Subsidies and other incentives generating growth for wind energy

wind energy growth

The wind energy industry has been creating more jobs with extensions and increases in tax credits, grants and FiT programs.
A wind turbine blade manufacturer in North Dakota and Arkansas expects to grow its workforce by almost double by next year, thanks to the extension of the Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit .
The company released the following statement in a press release:

“We are pleased to see that the market is improving again following a period of low activity due to uncertainty around the PTC,” said LM Wind Power’s Head of US Operations, Bill Burga Jr. “With the political framework in place, our customers are winning more business again and we are ready to serve their demand for highly efficient quality blades for the US market, adding hundreds of extra jobs. Now it is crucial that the politicians remain committed to securing a stable economic framework to enable continued industry growth and increased US employment.”

Although the PTC was renewed this year, there is doubt about its extension next year. The Republicans want to stop giving the wind industry subsidies. Chairman James Lankford said, “We keep hearing that ‘we’re almost there’ or ‘just a little bit longer.’ But the facts state that wind power has been steadily increasing over the last 10 years, and there’s this point of saying, when does wind take off on its own?”
However, as Democrat Rep. Jack Speier said, “Big oil still gets subsidies even though just the biggest five oil companies … made a combined $118 billion in profits in 2012… oil and gas have received over $4.8 billion each year in government subsidies over 90 years.”
If it’s about making a cleaner and better future for energy and this planet, more money should be given to wind energy, not the more damaging oil and gas industries. Also, if we increase subsidies and incentives, it will lead to stronger growth in the wind energy industry and create even more jobs now and in the future.

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