Support for wind turbines found in Derby, UK

Support for wind turbines found in Derby, UK

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The village of Spondon in Derby, UK, has a lot of supporters for their local wind turbines. Two of the 130 metre tall turbines have begun operations, and so far the locals have no complaints of noise or disruption. In fact, many of them are in support of generating their own electricity and reaping the benefits of cost savings.
Sally Giakalis, a local resident and owner of the Spondon Bakery, says, “They can be seen from all over Spondon but anything that brings down energy prices is a good thing. I was very shocked to see them at first though. As a business our costs are horrendous. Ten years ago we were paying £34 a month for gas and electricity, now it’s £150. I’m absolutely fine with them now though. We’ve also not heard them make any noise.” Interestingly enough, she goes on to mention that, “Parking and traffic is far more concerning (in Spondon). It’s a nightmare.”
A spokeswoman for Severn Trent (a leading global supplier of water and wastewater treatment) has said that about a quarter of their electricity is coming from renewable sources and “The wind turbines now add to this and will hopefully see us generating a third of our energy from renewable sources by 2015. As well as reducing our carbon footprint, by generating more renewable energy, we help to protect our customers from future energy price rises.”
Do you think more communities are recognizing the benefits of installing wind turbines to generate electricity? Comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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