SWEPCO plans large wind energy project

SWEPCO plans large wind energy project

SWEPCO investing in wind energy


Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) is seeking approval on a large wind energy project from regulators in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas.
The project would consist of 1400MW and provide 6 million MWh of wind energy to their customers annually. As part of the project, SWEPCO would help to build a 350 mile power line from the Oklahoma Panhandle to Tulsa.
According to the press release, SWEPCO customers currently are served by 469 MW of wind power through long-term power purchase agreements with wind farms in the Texas Panhandle, western Oklahoma and south-central Kansas.
SWEPCO president and chief operating officer, Venita McCellon-Allen said, “This is an exciting opportunity to provide a significant amount of clean, renewable energy and long-term cost savings for SWEPCO customers. We are working to meet the future energy needs of our customers in the cleanest, most efficient and cost-effective ways possible, and at the same time continuing to diversify our energy resource mix.”
“This is the largest single-site wind project in the United States. With a large-scale project at this site, we are tapping into one of the best wind resources in the country. The dedicated power line will deliver the renewable energy efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively to our customers, significantly reducing what are known as congestion costs for use of existing power lines.”

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