The 180MW Armow Wind Power facility is fully operational in Ontario

The 180MW Armow Wind Power facility is fully operational in Ontario

Wind Power in Ontario

The Armow Wind Power facility located in Ontario is now full operational and has the ability to power 70,000 Ontario homes every year.
Samsung Renewable Energy, Inc. (Samsung) and Pattern Energy Group LP (Pattern Energy) worked together on the project that employed 350 people during peak construction periods and supported over 750 workers in manufacturing in Ontario.
CEO of Pattern Energy, Mike Garland said:
“Armow Wind is a great example of how Ontario is changing the future of electricity. Armow Wind is a project that produces clean, renewable energy and that was built by Ontario workers with Ontario-made wind turbine components. Armow Wind is now generating millions of dollars in local lease payments and property taxes, updating the local airport, and improving the community of Kincardine through our community benefits program. We want to thank the landowners, other community members and the municipality for their hard work and collaboration on this project. We are honored to become a part of this great community.”
According to the press release:
In addition to producing clean power, Armow Wind is bringing strong economic benefits to the Kincardine community, including more than $75 million over 20 years in property taxes, landowner lease royalties and community benefits. Armow Wind committed $13.6 million dollars to the Municipality of Kincardine as part of a long-term Community Benefit Program, which supports education and other initiatives, including a contribution of $1 million to the Kincardine Airport to improve local operations.

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