The advantages of wind power

The advantages of wind power

advantages of wind power
Wind energy has been given a lot of bad press lately, with accusations of causing bird deaths and affecting the well-being of those who live nearby etc. It’s hard to see the advantages of wind power when everyone is focused on finding the bad.


In the interest of helping people see the good side of wind energy, I decided to outline all the positives:


  • Zero emissions from the production of electricity
  • Carbon footprint is very low for the entire life cycle – breakeven is estimated at about one year
  • Renewable and abundant – wind will never run out (generated from the sun)
  • Free production – resources like fuel are not required to run the turbines, as wind is free
  • Install timeline is much shorter compared to other sources of energy. A wind turbine can be installed in months, compared to years of  planning and building for   coal, gas or nuclear
  • Stable costs – fuel prices fluctuate based on availability and demand, unlike wind energy costs which are relatively fixed or drop with time
  • Minimal maintenance/operating costs – wind turbines do not require extensive maintenance and operating expenses
  • Small footprint – wind turbines take up little space, which is especially great for rural investors who use their land for revenue generation, like farming/agriculture
  • No toxic waste by-products – like that of nuclear or fracking etc.


This list is by no means exhaustive, but highlights the major advantages of wind power when compared to all other sources of energy.

Can you think of more to add to this list? If so, leave a comment below!

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