The benefits of a hydraulic tower for a wind turbine

The benefits of a hydraulic tower for a wind turbine

Orenda hydraulic tower


As Orenda exhibited at the Renewable UK show, we had many people ask us about our unique hydraulic tower, and what some of the benefits were to having one.
So I thought I would list, in a blog post, some of the benefits of having a hydraulic tower for a wind turbine:

  • No need for road access for a crane, you can use the land as it was originally intended (this is especially useful/lucrative for farmers)
  • Reduce risk and increase safety by having installation and maintenance done on the ground
  • Lower cost of installation and maintenance, as no cranes are required (and can be a costly part of both processes)
  • The wind turbine can be lowered and tied to the ground in areas where hurricanes or severe weather is present

These benefits translate to lower cost of ownership, faster returns and greater safety. If you’re interested, check out the webpage for more information about our patented hydraulic tower to get all the specifics.

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