The importance of remote monitoring wind turbines

The importance of remote monitoring wind turbines

monitoring wind
It’s not a new concept but remote monitoring wind turbines is not something a lot of small to medium-scale wind turbine manufacturers consider.
There are some benefits to monitoring wind turbines through a remote location:

  1. Stop the turbine if inclement weather is approaching
  2. Able to view wind speeds, and production levels
  3. Check to see if the wind turbine needs maintenance
  4. Manufacturer engineers can glean data from all turbines to better optimize their products

This last point, about data mining, is really important for product improvement and optimization. Without it, manufacturers would never really know how well their products are performing and how they can improve upon them for greater output.
Orenda has its own proprietary remote monitoring system called Iris™ which provides real-time:

  • Remote configuration & operation of system online
  • Performance data (Real-time and historical) including wind speed and power production
  • Remote shut down and restart of the turbine, invaluable in areas where the weather changes quickly and severely
  • Collection of data, including RPM, voltage levels, average wind speed, export power and state of wind turbine
  • True bi-directional communications with the turbine power control unit

To learn more, you can check out the Iris™ product page.

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