The many benefits of wind energy

The many benefits of wind energy

benefits of wind energy

As someone in the industry, I am very familiar with the benefits of wind energy. However, it seems that many people outside the industry might have a very negative view of wind power based on the works of anti-wind groups and propaganda.
I’ve found a great source on AWEA’s website, where they break down wind energy statistics by state. You can even see the direct results of wind power on job creation and economic benefits.
At you can also learn more about the benefits of wind energy on health. As stated on their website “wind energy reduces harmful air emissions and creates no harmful waste products when compared with other sources of electricity”.
The US Department of Energy has a PDF all about the ‘Wind Energy Benefits’. Here’s a snippet:

“7. Wind energy is clean.
Electricity generated by wind turbines does not pollute the water we drink or the air we breathe, so wind energy means less smog, less acid rain, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. A single 1-megawatt wind turbine can displace 1,800 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) in 1 year (equivalent to planting 1 square mile of forest).ix Achieving 20% wind energy by 2030 would provide significant environmental benefits, such as avoiding approximately 825 million metric tons of CO2 emissions in the electric sector. Because it is a clean energy source, wind energy reduces health care and environmental costs associated with air pollution.”

I am hoping more people will start to educate themselves on the realities of energy production, and the benefits of wind energy in particular. There are a lot more positive aspects of wind than negative, and the fact of the matter is, no other source of energy outside renewables can say the same!

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