The Orenda Advantage

Why Choose Orenda?

  • Skye™ hits the “sweet spot” for most FiT regimes worldwide
  • Applicable for installation on sites where the grid capacity is restricted
  • Skye’s™  performance characteristics lends itself to farmers, landowners and small-scale wind parks & developers
  • Oversized rotor captures the broadest range of wind speeds for conversion into electricity, producing best-in-class financial returns
  • Hydrostatic speed control system (patent pending) is unique to Skye™ design and is used for optimal performance, up-time and safety
  • Hydraulic tower does not require special roads or cranes for installing or maintaining the wind turbine, thus allowing you to use your land for generating money/agricultural purposes
  • Allows greater risk management by being able to install and maintain the wind turbine on ground level
  • Best-in-class financial returns, by lowering the cost of installation and maintenance
  • Orenda’s warranty contingency – Your significant investment is protected (A portion of revenue generated from sales is set aside to fund any potential warranty work in the future)
  • Orenda Skye™ qualifies for insurance coverage
  • In summary – De-risking your significant purchase giving you peace of mind


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