The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds supports wind turbines

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds supports wind turbines

RSPB supports wind turbines

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is supporting a wind turbine at Sandy in Bedfordshire, located at their headquarters and one of its nature reserves.
The locale is known as The Lodge and is home to many different bird species, including nightjars, nuthatches and woodpeckers, to name a few. This site will be the home of a 800kW wind turbine with a 100m tower and 53m blades.
To make it safer for wildlife in the area, the installed wind turbine will be turned off when bats are more active and under certain wind conditions. RSPB’s director of conservation, Martin Harper said “Noctules and pipistrelles tend to feed there at dawn and dusk when wind speeds are low,”
“So we will turn off the wind turbine half an hour either side of sunrise and sunset when wind speeds are below seven metres per second. We will take a little hit in terms of electricity generation potential, but it should protect the noctules and pipistrelles. Essentially, we have bat-proofed our turbine.”
“Climate change is going to have a huge impact on Britain’s bird population and we have to do our bit to reduce carbon emissions,”
“This turbine will generate energy equivalent to more than half the electricity we use at all our 127 sites in the UK. More to the point, we are going to do it in a way that poses no threat to the local wildlife.”
He continued, “We support the principles of renewable energy, but in some cases we believe the siting of a turbine array could lead to unnecessary deaths of birds… it should be noted that we have been involved in a total of 1,031 wind turbine applications in the UK over the years and have maintained objections to only 49 of these. That is less than 5% of proposed projects. So it would be wrong to say we are diehard opponents of wind energy. Far from it.”

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