This Week in Wind Energy News – Aug 16, 2013

This Week in Wind Energy News – Aug 16, 2013

wind energy

This week in news for the wind energy industry:


8 Things To Know About Distributed Wind Energy

In this article, the US Department of Energy explains the 8 things you should know about distributed wind power, including its definition.


Notre Dame using wind turbines to study wind energy

Thomas Corke, Director of Institute for Flow Physics and Control says, “”The research is aimed at improving the performance of wind turbines.”


Local Wind Power Keeps Energy Close To Home

“A new study has found a growing trend throughout the Northwest: small wind turbines. These are mostly single turbines in people’s backyards, on farms, or supplementing power for businesses.”


Painting Wind Turbines Black Could Prevent Thousands of Bird Deaths Every Year

A research project conducted in Norway will see if changing the colour of wind turbine blades reduces or affects the number of bird deaths from collisions.

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