Transformed wind energy and solar power to fuel Audi cars

Transformed wind energy and solar power to fuel Audi cars

wind energy to fuel cars

Audi, the German carmaker, has joined up with Etogas Ltd. to build the first power-to-gas plant that transforms wind energy and solar power into fuel for cars.
The energy from wind and solar can used to create hydrogen, methane and methanol, which can then be used to power cars. The engines in the cars could be either combustion or use fuel cells to convert the gas back into electricity.
The power-to-gas process that Audi will be using is the conversion of wind and solar power to hydrogen and methane. The development of this technique began at the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW) in Stuttgart, Germany. The excess wind power is used to convert water into hydrogen using a process called electrolysis, and then the hydrogen is mixed with carbon dioxide at high temperatures and tranformed into methane.
The company now has the largest power-to-gas station built in Werlte, Lower Saxony, that produces 6MW, enough to power 1,500 Audi A3 g-trons.
The main reason why conversion of wind energy into gas is such a great idea, is because of excess power generation from wind. There are times when the electricity produced by wind energy is far greater than the levels of consumption, at which point it would be wasted, or worse yet, overloading the grid/network. If the surplus electricity could always be converted to ‘windgas’ it can be put to good use by vehicles.
The other benefit of ‘windgas’ is that it outdistances the electric car. The only downside right now for owners of these types of cars is the limited availability of fuel stations, but it’s only a matter of time before more will become available as the popularity of these cars increases with time. At least that’s the hope for Audi.

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