Triad Recycling has completed construction on new wind turbine

Triad Recycling has completed construction on new wind turbine

Triad Recycling has a new wind turbine project


Triad Recycling & Energy Corp has just completed construction of its new 100kW wind turbine as part of their $1 million expansion project.
The project will support 15 jobs and offset electric costs, for the recycling and waste management firm located in Western New York, and was facilitated by state funding from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the New York Power Authority (NYPA).
Triad Recycling received almost $167,000 from NYSERDA as part of its Small Wind Turbine program and $150,000 from NYPA’s Western New York Power Proceeds program.
According to the press release: The program utilizes net earnings from the sale of unused hydropower from NYPA’s Niagara power plant to spur the local economy and stems from legislation signed into law by Governor Cuomo in 2012.
President and CEO, NYSERDA, Alicia Barton said, “This project builds on Triad’s commitment to protecting the environment by enabling its recycling firm to operate with clean energy. The wind turbines not only support Governor Cuomo’s nation-leading clean energy goals, but demonstrate how businesses can help to make their communities cleaner and healthier.”
President of Triad Recycling, John Hannon said, “This expansion will provide us with a significant boost to our operations, allowing us to hire three additional employees. I want to extend my thanks to Governor Cuomo, the New York Power Authority and NYSERDA for supporting this initiative.”
NYPA president and CEO, Gil C. Quiniones said, “This expansion, which includes the installation of a clean energy wind turbine, is precisely the kind of project that we had in mind while developing the Western New York Power Proceeds program several years ago. It’s a win-win situation, creating jobs while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

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