Trump is upset over a wind farm… again

Trump is upset over a wind farm… again

trump is upset about a wind farm again

It seems wind farms like to pop up around Donald Trump properties. The billionaire is fighting yet another proposal for a wind farm installation, this time close to his Irish golf course, Doonbeg.
Trump felt certain when he purchased the Doonbeg golf club on the Co Clare coast that wind farms would not be a problem at the time, and in the future, as a previous attempt to install one nearby had been denied. Now another application has been submitted, this time a scaled-down version of the original plans by Clare Coastal Windpower Ltd, and the decision is expected to be made by October of this year.
The proposed wind farm is expected to produce enough electricity to supply a little over 14 thousand homes, and according to the Environmental Impact Statement submitted, “it is not anticipated that the proposal will cause any negative impact to tourism in the area.” However, the wind farm will be located as close as 4km from Doonbeg and the application states it will be close enough for the 125m wind turbines to be seen from the golf course.
George Sorial, executive vice president at the Trump organisation said:
“We will examine the planning application in the next number of days and if we conclude that it jeopardises our investment at Doonbeg, we will do whatever is necessary to fight it and protect the beauty of our site.”
We’ll see what ends up happening in October, but by the sounds of it, Trump won’t go down without a serious fight.


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