Tumbler Ridge gets good news in the form of a $400 million wind farm

Tumbler Ridge gets good news in the form of a $400 million wind farm

meikle wind farm in Tumbler Ridge
It was announced today, in Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia, that the Meikle wind farm project would begin construction and bring with it 175 jobs to the community. Once the wind farm is operational, there will be 9 permanent jobs in addition to hiring local subcontractors for various work.
The project will consist of 2 years of construction for 61 large wind turbines with a total generation of 185MW of energy, enough power for 54,000 BC homes. The Meikle wind project will cover approximately 134 hectares of land in a location that was significantly impacted by Pine Beetle kill and forestry activity.
The wind project has a 25 year Energy Purchase Agreement in place with BC Hydro, and “Meikle Wind will contribute more than $70 million dollars in payments for property taxes, the Crown lease, Wind Participation Rent, and community benefits.”
Here are more stats on the environmental benefits of the Meikle wind farm:
Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reduced
627,000 tonnes/year
123,000 car equivalent
Sulfur Dioxide
1,800 tonnes/year
Nitrogen Oxides
1,000 tonnes/year
11 kg/year
Water Conserved
1,127,900,000 liters/year
8,750 people
Mike Garland, CEO of Pattern Development, said “A number of the First Nations have been very supportive in working with us. We like going into communities where we can become good neighbors… Lastly, just by coincidence, the timing for creating jobs and other things, it’s a great opportunity for us here with some of the mines that have been shut down.”
Tumbler Ridge has experienced a spike in unemployment (60-70%) as 700 people lost their jobs in recent months, due to mines closing in the area. The Meikle wind farm will be sure to inject new life and employment into the community!

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